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Labor plays an important role in cultivating children's healthy personality. But nowadays, no matter whether it is in cities or in rural areas, there are basically no more "labor classes". Even at home, they rarely work hard and sweat, so that children can engage in simple labor management on campus after studying, so that they can move their bodies and cultivate The enthusiasm for labor can also enhance the sense of responsibility of students, which is undoubtedly very helpful to the healthy growth of students' physical and mental health. Most of the children living in cities don’t know where the vegetables we usually eat come from and how they grew up. Therefore, opening such planting practice activities on campus can provide students with many things that cannot be learned in textbooks. Regardless of the practice of growing vegetables, the knowledge contained in it is all aspects, and it is difficult to learn and see not only in the books in the classroom. Even if you have book knowledge, it is difficult to fully grasp and understand it without hands-on practice. It should be said that the school's planting practice activities provide students with a good opportunity to "combine theory and practice". Thirdly, it can cultivate children to cherish food, refuse to waste, and respect the good psychology and habits of farmers. Students grow vegetables in their spare time and make dishes through campus cafeteria to return to the table. Not only are they green and healthy, but students can taste their own "labor". "Achievements", not only feel proud and proud, but will also cherish and save more, and let students personally feel what "who knows Chinese food is hard, every bit is hard." However, such a good mentality and quality habits can hardly achieve practical results only by empty preaching. Therefore, proper planting activities, allowing children to feel the joy of planting and the mysteries brought by nature, play a vital role in the growth of children. Move the farm into the classroom, entertaining and entertaining, so that children can learn knowledge while playing; cultivate children's hands-on ability and observation skills; cultivate children's love from an early age, so that they learn to care for others. Appreciating the hardships of labor, forming a good habit of loving labor, cherishing food, and knowing every ingredient on the table are hard-won. In addition, the home-owned farm ecological smart micro-farm also plays an important role in agricultural production development and scientific research. Although my country's agriculture has developed for thousands of years, it has always been controlled by nature and relied on the sky for food. In particular, the shortage of resources in our country has made it difficult to reverse the trend of decreasing arable land. In order to maintain the sustainable development of the national economy and continuously improve the living standards of the people, it is necessary to continuously improve the production efficiency of the limited land area and open up the space for agricultural production. Soilless culture will play an increasingly important role in the development of agriculture in the future. Soilless cultivation has the following four advantages: 1. Strong crop growth, high yield and good quality. 2. Save water, fertilizer, labor and labor. 3. Less pests and diseases, which can avoid soil continuous cropping obstacles. 4. It can greatly expand the agricultural production space. The Eco-Smart Micro-farm with Farms at Home can not only move into the campus and become a living teaching material for children’s agricultural science, but also grow green vegetables in various places such as deserts, saline-alkali land, voyage warships, and space spacecraft, which greatly promotes The development of agricultural production.
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