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Three standard equipment of modern high-end office: secretarial, tea room, and micro farm. Planting green plants and flowers in the office not only plays a role in purifying the air and beautifying the environment, but also regulates office feng shui, invigorates the office atmosphere, and improves work efficiency. The specific benefits mainly include the following four points: 1. It is a good air purifier to remove indoor toxic gas (can absorb 87% of toxic gas). 2. The greening environment can rest the eyes and eliminate eye fatigue. The greening has the functions of sound insulation, dust elimination, light blocking, cooling, and moisturizing the skin. 3. Plants can relieve you from fatigue, relieve tension, and eliminate stress in the subtle, and then relax and reconcile the office environment, making the office more beautiful and humanized. 4. It can be used as an indicator of office quality. A study by German scientists pointed out that office greening can not only improve air quality, reduce pollutants and noise, but also help relieve staff headaches, nervousness and other symptoms. A smart planting machine for a family farm is equivalent to an oxygen generator to improve air quality; it is equivalent to 5 square meters of green space to beautify the indoor environment; it is equivalent to an air humidifier to humidify indoor air and enhance human comfort; it is equivalent to 5 bonsai to cultivate sentiment relax! The smart planting machine from Home Farm has a fashionable appearance and versatile style, which can easily embellish the office environment. After work, he grows vegetables, flowers, and tea. From afar, when the lush green leaves stretch, walk closer, and the gurgling sound of water seems to make you come to the side of a mountain stream; it not only relieves decompression, but also relieves visual fatigue, and you feel more happy at work. When we are tired and sleepy, soak in a cup of fragrant tea that we have grown by ourselves, and work harder! In the office, we can grow tea personally, roast the tea personally, and when the guests come, we can make a cup of self-grown, self-picked and self-fried tea. The hospitality is full of sincerity! In addition, we can also send self-grown, self-picked and self-fried tea leaves to customers as gifts through exquisite packaging.
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