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Beauty And Health
Beauty and health

Beauty and health

In this hustle and bustle era, we rush all day long, come in a hurry, go in a hurry, almost everyone is burdened with heavy mental pressure, diligent and diligent and dare not relax...In such a noisy era , How can we alleviate worries? The only way to grow vegetables is to grow flowers.....It is a new way of life to grow flowers, grass and vegetables. The gardening life of growing flowers and vegetables can improve the air quality and enjoy the physical and mental pleasure through flowers, grass, and vegetables. , Can be regarded as a kind of self-cultivation life. Growing flowers and vegetables not only purifies the air and improves the air environment, but also plays an important role in our beauty and health. Not only can effectively increase the indoor humidity and relieve dryness. Planting flowers and plants indoors can absorb dust in the air and reduce the dust content. Many plants have the effect of inhibiting and killing bacteria and fungi, can reduce the growth of germs, and care for the health of our skin. Some herbal flowers can beautify the skin, moisturize the skin, whiten, and moisturize. Like jasmine, rose, rose, cherry blossoms, etc., they all have the effect of beauty and beauty, which can balance and shrink pores, repair and moisturize the skin, have the effects of rejuvenating, brightening skin, delaying skin aging, and increasing skin elasticity. It can also be used as skin care products. raw material. Regular consumption of rose rose tea can also regulate menstruation and invigorate blood circulation, reduce swelling and detoxification, whiten spots, and moisturize. Many plants are edible, used as medicine, and have certain health effects. For example, aloe, chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, etc. can be eaten and used as medicine, especially aloe, which is called "magic medicine" and "family medicine box". Aloe contains 75 elements, which are almost completely consistent with the substances required by human cells. It has obvious health care value. Keeping a few pots of aloe at home can not only clean the air, but also beautify skin care, sterilize and reduce inflammation. In addition, you can grow your own herbal flowers to extract essential oils and hydrosols. Naturally, you can rest assured and add points to your beauty and health.
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