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Health care

Health care

With the rapid development of urbanization, the aging of the population and sub-health have become more and more serious social problems, and it has become a desire of people to get physical and mental healing. "Gardening therapy" is quietly emerging as a new way to treat mental illness and relieve emotional stress. At present, in some domestic new-type elderly care institutions focusing on rehabilitation treatment, in addition to device rehabilitation treatment, horticulture treatment has also become an important part of rehabilitation treatment. The horticultural treatment method is very popular among the elderly. Old people have fun-gardening therapy is the most gentle treatment method that allows the elderly to get close to nature and relax their mind and body during the green planting process, allowing them to discover the beauty of life, bringing more sunny and happy emotions to the elderly living alone in the empty nest It is a good way to ease the mood. Through planting, the old people get pleasure from the body to the soul. The sense of accomplishment and pride cannot be given by anyone. The hard work is also the joy of blooming flowers and harvesting vegetables. Planting can delight the mood, cultivate sentiment, and achieve a state of forgetting and forgetting oneself. A calm mind is good health! Old people have something to do-planting for the elderly is not only a leisurely sentiment, but also an act of health, intelligence and longevity. Home farming can also prevent dementia in the elderly. The survey shows that long-lived old people insist on a certain amount of physical and mental activity. This lasting and appropriate amount of activity can not only promote blood circulation and metabolism, but also strengthen the activity of the nervous system and improve the ability to regulate, which is beneficial to prevent or delay mental decline. . At present, a large part of the elderly in society suffer from degenerative diseases of the elderly, and their mobility and brain skills are not as good as before. There are also some elderly people who live alone feel that life is not fun, but after gardening and planting activities on family farms, these phenomena have been well improved. When the elderly participate in gardening activities, social sharing on the topic of green and health is easy to resonate, promote communication, and make more friends of the same age. While the process of urbanization is advancing rapidly, the idyllic life gradually disappears from people's lives. In this city where land and soil are less and less, having a farm at home has realized the wish of parents to regain their rural life in their hometown in the city and enjoy the fun of a paradise. In addition, the elderly use their own farms to grow selenium-enriched vegetables, health-care vegetables, health-care medicinal materials, and herbal teas to make health-care cakes, health-care vegetable porridge, or health-care tea. You can use self-grown vegetables to process vegetables into nutritious vegetable powder and make tea as a drink, which can also play a role in health care and protect the health of the elderly.
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