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Dining And Leisure
Dining and leisure

Dining and leisure

休闲餐饮 With the consumption upgrade, the catering and leisure industry as a whole is developing in the direction of individualization, ecology and convenience. With the improvement of people's living standards and the diversification of their lifestyles, their demand for food is no longer limited to the level of "satisfaction". "Eat well" began to be mentioned more by consumers. And in "good eating", it also includes "food quality and taste" and "dining environment atmosphere". Nowadays, casual eco-restaurants are becoming more and more sought after by everyone. It combines modern facility agriculture, garden landscape, green catering, etc. It uses gardening technology to organically combine trees, flowers, green plants and vegetables with the functional partition of the restaurant, creating a beautiful ecological and natural dining environment. And Jiayou Farm's ecological smart micro-farm successfully breaks the geographical boundaries, and can also be exposed to nature in restaurants and hotels. The natural oxygen bar humidifies the air and increases the oxygen supply. It not only beautifies the environment but also promotes the upgrading of consumption, so that the hotel clubhouse has the functions of catering, viewing, leisure, entertainment, green food promotion, energy saving and environmental protection. It stimulates consumption and attracts consumers. Family farms adopt green planting and use special water and fertilizers, so that the vegetables grown are more nutritious and healthy. During the planting process, no chemical fertilizers, pesticides and hormones are sprayed, and preservatives and formaldehyde are not abused. The distance from picking to the table is 0, fresh and healthy, and diners are more assured. In addition, home-owned farms can be used in hot pot restaurants and tea restaurants. Green vegetables are grown in restaurants of your choice and freshly boiled. The products have their own traffic. The new model attracts more customers. It can also be placed in farms, decks, and clubs to form an integrated mode of sightseeing, dining, entertainment and leisure. In the tea house, we personally grow herbal teas, self-grown and self-picked and self-fried, and a cup of self-grown and freshly picked tea, so that we can enjoy healthy food while away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the unique natural beauty .
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